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Add an Auction

To create an auction, login to the MarkNet Platform and select the [Auctions] tab from the menu bar at the top of the page. At the top center of the page, select the [Create new auction] button.

Create Auction

Auction Type: Select the type of catalog that you wish to create. Here you have the option to choose a Timed, Live (Simulcast), or Hybrid. Your choice here will determine how the rest of the page is populated and cannot be changed after this page is saved.


Listing only: Checking this box will not allow any bidding on any items on your auction. They will be listing only items that cannot be made active later. 

Reverse Auction: A reverse auction allows the bidders to bid the item down instead of up. This will change for all items on this auction. 

Event Type: Choose whether this auction will be scheduled or ongoing. A scheduled event is a traditional online only sale that will come to a close. An ongoing may have items added periodically and items close on their own without closing the sale overall.

Start Date/Time: Select the date in which you would like to enable bidding. 

End Date/Time: Select the date & time you would like for your sale to close. Please be specific on timezone selected (DST vs not DST). 

Staggered Closing: If you would like to enabled a staggered close for your sale, first select the time blocks you would like to set. You will then also enter the number of lots you would like to close per time block. For example, if you have a staggered close of 5 minutes and lots per interval of 3, then three lots will close every five minutes. This option will enable a dynamic message showing when your sale will begin to close. Change your end time to adjust.

Exclude Closed Lots: Choose whether you would like for this option to be checked or unchecked. If checked then closed lots will automatically be hidden from your sale. Users have the option to change this under advanced search. 

Sale #: Leave this field blank. Let the system populate this for you. 

Name: Give your sale a name. This is what users will see at the top of the page. 

Location: If you have locations setup in your global settings, you can use this feature to assign which address will show at the top of the invoices for this sale. 

Tax %: Enter the default tax percentage that will be applied to all lots on this auction, unless specified on the lot level. 

Description: Skip this field. It does not display.

Terms and Conditions: These are the terms and conditions that each user must agree to in order to bid on your sale. 

Invoice notes: Enter your invoice notes here so that they will display at the bottom of each invoice generated for this sale. 

Shipping Info: Enter your Shipping Info here so that they will display at the bottom of each invoice generated for this sale. 

Image: This image will display on your list of auctions. 

Auction Tax Country: You can select the country and the states that you would like to include.

Auction Info Link: Enter the URL of the website that you would like "Auction Info" button to go to. 

SEO Meta Title: (Search Engine Optimization) This is the title that will appear on the search engine pages. 

SEO Meta Keyword: (Search Engine Optimization) These are keywords that should be snippets of the page's content. These keywords do not appear on the page itself. They will help the search engines find your page.

SEO Meta Description: (Search Engine Optimization) This is a short description (about 155 characters) that summarizes your auction. This will show when your page is found on a search engine.

File Encoding: To upload a spreadsheet of lots, you will use Windows-1252 for PC or Windows-1251 for a MAC. The spreadsheet needs to be uploaded as a CSV file.

Overwrite existing Items with matching item numbers: This will overwrite any item with matching item numbers.

Replace existing images/files: This will replace existing images on lots. 

Convert line breaks to HTML in description: If your spreadsheets has line breaks in it, the system will enter HTML into the description.

Clear Empty fields: Clearing empty fields will erase existing content currently set on the lot level. 

Browse CSV file: Search your computer to find your CSV file. 

Browse Image Zip: To bulk upload images, select a ZIP file to bulk upload images.

Optimize Image: This will optimize the size of the image file making 

Auto-Orient Image:

Browse Zip Files:

Apply Auction's start and end date to items:

Apply item's min. start date and max. end date to auction

Only show ongoing lots:

Do not show upcoming lots:


Test Auction: If this project is just for testing, 

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